About Us

The Albanian British Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ABCCI) was established in 2002 to promote and support Industrial and commercial developments in Albania and to encourage British and Foreign Investment in the country.

It serves, protects and advances the interest of independent businesses especially in the sectors represented by its members. ABCCI is recognized and registered both in Albania and the UK.

Political change has opened the way for Albania and the world to trade together, prompting the International business community to take a closer look at business opportunities there. The situation now is that many opportunities are available  for investing in the commercial, agriculture, fishing and tourist sectors to mention only a few.

Our services are free or subscribed for our members. Some are also available for non-members but are charged at a more commercial rate.

The ABCCI Head Office is equipped to supply information and services supporting the conduct of international trade in the country. This includes:
  • Marketing information for foreign companies who wish to establish business in Albania
  • Information about Albania trade delegation to foreign countries
  • Facilitation of meetings with trade missions and foreign business people visiting Albania
  • Import/Export procedures, control requirements and related activities
  • Provision of management training programs designed to improve business efficiency.
  • English language training
  • Recruitment assistance
  • Management consultancy, organizational audits and financial advice
  • Infrastructure development
  • Arbitration in legal disputes