Documentation Required for Registration by the NRC

For registration of a new company in the National Registration Center the following documents are required:

1. Application form

To start the registration, the applicant must complete the application form. The application form is specific to different types of applying entities. Applications form and the instructions for their completion can be retrieved at every service window of NRC or can be downloaded from the NRC website. The applicant may fill out the form either at any NRC service window with the help of the service window clerk if necessary, or via the Internet, using the NRC’s “Apply On-Line” function.

2. Accompanying documents

  • Original personal identification document (ID card), which the NRC service window clerk will verity, copy and scan, and return;
  • Other accompanying documents

The list of the accompanying documents for the initial registration is specific to different legal forms of companies. The applicant may find the list of the accompanying documents attached to the relevant application form.

For more detailed information about Company Registration, please refer to the NRC website at

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