Hospitality Industry Trade Mission to London 1-5 October 2017

The Chamber invites all the owning, operating and working in restaurants, hotels, catering companies and leisure establishments to the Restaurant Show 2017 which is a unique trade event in London UK, 1-5 October 2017.

Whether you are comparing products, sourcing new opportunities, looking for information, guidance or inspiration from top chefs, business leaders and experts, The Restaurant Show is the event you and your business cannot afford to miss.

The participant can take part at live events which aim to surprise, to inspire and to engage participants with culinary demonstrations, premier competitions and astute seminars highlighting key industry trends, progressive ideas and exceptional talents.

The Trade Mission will also have onsite visits at special hospitality companies which have inspired a new generation of trade.

Register to take part by writing to us at and we will call and meet you to discuss your needs.
Contat us at

Mission Tregtare per ne Britanine e Madhe
Mission Tregtare per fushen e shebimeve te mikepritjes (resorante, bar, pub dhe hotele)
Dhoma Britanike ne bashkepunimim me Shoqaten e Resoranteve ne Shqiperi ju fton te merrni pjese ne Missionin e Biznesit per fushen e Sherbimevve te Mikepritjes ku perfhsihen Resorante, Hotele, Bar, Pub etj.

Missioni do te organizohet me qellim pjesemarrjen ne Ekspoziten e Resoranteve, 1-5 Tetor 2017, ne Londer. Ekspozita ofron nje game te gjere mundesish ekpozimi te prodhimeve ushqimore, risive ne fushen e gatimit por edhe te sherbimeve te ofruara.

Gjitashtu pjesemarresit do te perjetojne konkursin e guzhinjereve me te talentuar si edhe nje sere seminaresh dhe tranimesh te ofruara nga emrat me te njohur boterore.

Ne shpresojme qe ky mission te hapi mundesi te reja bashkepunimi per pjesemarresit, por edhe t’i inkurajoje ne zgjerimin e tyre ne nje nga qendrat me te medha te turizmit, Londren.

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