Invest in UK, post Brexit

Invest in the UK, the economy after Brexit

The Albanian British Chamber of Commerce and Industry is promoting the business opportunities which are currently available in UK and in Albania.

While the Albanian market it is a developing market with a lot of infrastructure developments potentials as well as agriculture but more important in tech companies to transform the Albanian economy but contrast the UK offers a different view.

The Chamber is offering guide and opportunities to the Albanian and international companies wishing to enter the UK market in some of the following sectors which we find of interest:

For companies wishing to invest in shares or to list their company, a study at the end of 2020, found that the net allocation of equities were some 30% below the average. As the economy was showing good signs of improvements certainly more global investors will add London in their map.

There is a huge trend in looking for investors from all around the world. While few years a go companies seeking investors had a hard time to convince international investors to invest in them, either become they had difficulties in funding the trio to meet them or difficulties in convincing the investors to come to UK and meet them, now everybody is much comfortable with zoom meetings.

Very often the investment opportunity is not even considered until someone from the company sits down with an expert from the Chamber and talks through some of the myths and barriers that they forecast. It is only then that the company understand that investing in UK it is possible and most of the times it is a matter of re arranging their management structure, training and new skills, production line and distribution and in very few cases the need for a cash input.

With the vaccine taken by a great number of the British population, the economy is set to recover and once it bounce back make sure you are ready to talk to us.

March 2021

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