Meeting with the General Director of National Institute of Property Rights

The Albanian British Chamber agrees to cooperate closely with the Department of Trade Mark and Patents to increase awareness on the potentials of registering your inventions but also protecting the property rights.

The President of the Albanian British Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Mr. Hoxha welcomed the General Director of National Intellectual Property Rights Mr. Elvin Lako at the Chamber’s office on 21st March 2017, in Tirana.

Mr. Lako presented the achievements of the NIPR and the focus for the forthcoming six years in line with the European Legislation and facilitating Trade Mark and Patent registration and protection of Intellectual Property Rights.

Mr. Hoxha thanked the General Director for the great work his institution has done in the past year to increase awareness on the protection of IP, offering a great platform of information and support for individuals and companies. The huge increase of new applications it is a clear indication of the effeteness of their work. The Chamber is one of the institutions which helps businesses to register with Trade Mark, Patent as well as advises them accordingly on what actions to take if their rights are misused.

Both Institutions agreed to establish and launch joint cooperation aiming at increasing awareness of the Property Rights through various training on the issues and potentials, training on how the Property Rights can be evaluated and quantified in order for individuals and companies not to miss out on the profit that could be generated when making good use of them.

The Chamber will also encourage international organisation, companies and foreigners to cooperate and work with the National Institute of Intellectual Property Rights to register their rights for Albania.

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