Meeting with the General Director of the Tax Office of Albania

The British Chamber in Albania had a meeting on the 21st of April 2014 with the General Director of the Tax Office in Albania Ms. Shehaj and her team representing the Public Relation, the Auditing office and Inspectorate.

The Chamber represented by Mr. Hoxha, President of ABCCI, Mr. Loloci Country Manager of BP, Mr. Sorin Juganaru Managing Director for Kosovo, Albania and FRY Macedonia Mr. Andi Nano Corporate Communication Manager and invited to be present too Mrs. Loreta Peci Country Manager of PwC.
The meeting was an opportunity for the Chamber to present to the Department of Tax Office the work of the Chamber and its members which aims at trade fair and developing the market by offering their suggestions also on how to improve the business environment and legislation whenever it is required. The aim it is to achieve it by close cooperation with the Government which will be the implementing side of such change. The Chamber it is happy to see a change in mentality from the inspectorates and auditing officers towards the businesses and their implementing of the procedures.

Ms. Shehaj General Director of the Tax office presented an overall picture of the work of the department, its aims, achievements and challenges ahead. While there are various issues inherited by the past administration ‘we are confident that the change we have brought in has been reflected for good at the business as we do not rely on fining the business to achieve our forecasts’ stated Ms. Shehaj.

The meeting touched upon few other part of the business environment which is a direct reflection of the work of the Government and at the cooperation between the relevant organizations. A continues dialog it is confirmed via the regular communication between the Chamber and the Tax Office as well as wider meeting with the members of the Chamber once a year. The next meeting will be held at the last week of May 2014.

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