Memorandum of cooperation

We are happy to announce a historical moment on the history of cooperation between the Chambers of Commerce and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Albania.

On the 15th of April 2014, the Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr. Ditmir Bushati confirmed that ‘Today it is finalizing of the work and cooperation initiated by the MFA in November 2013, to have a planed and jointly implemented work on promoting the business opportunities that Albania offers as well as supporting the foreign investors already in Albania.

The British, American, German, Italian, Greek, French, Israeli, Turkish as well as Regional and National Chambers of Commerce signed the Memorandum and have now put in place the infrastructure for such cooperation to succeed.
The aim of the Memorandum it is to make possible the:

  • Further promotion of the business opportunities that Albania offers
  • To introduce the new Albanian brand and products in the world.
  • To inform the foreign investors on the opportunities and advantages that Albania offers.

The business community hopes that the new approach of the Albanian Government towards the creating better business environment for the economic growth. Read more …

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