Albania’s tourism celebrated in the House of Lords

This evening (November 8th) marks a special occasion for Albania and its tourism industry. In association with the Albanian British Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Albania are being honoured today at a prestigious event taking place at the House of Lords in London.

The Rt. Hon. Lord Alan Watson of Richmond and H.E. Mr. Qirjako Qirko, the Albanian Ambassador to the United Kingdom are inviting members of the parliament, the House of Lords, Albanian government and members of the tourism and commerce community together to celebrate “Albanian Success in Tourism.”

President of the Chamber Mr Zenel Hoxha is also proud to announce the attendance of Ms Milva Ekonmi, Minister of Tourism and Trade in Albania at the event.

Albania’s picturesque landscape and beautiful beaches are being presented to the world at the World Travel Market in London, UK (7-9 November). The Albanian British Chamber of Commerce and Industry in cooperation with the Albanian National Agency of Tourism are hosting fifteen Albanian travel companies at the market.

albanian-exhibition-at-the-world-travel-marketAt yesterday’s exhibit Mr Ardit Collaku (General Director of the National Agency of Tourism Albania) was keen to put Albania on the map by promoting its tourism potential and meeting with numerous UK tour operators, agencies and investors at the travel market.

This is a proud occasion for the Albanian tourism industry, Albanian business people in the UK and all the Albanian diaspora across the world to come together to celebrate their achievements in promoting their country’s tourism potential around the world.

List of attendees at the event include:

Lord Watson, Lord Bowness, Lord Harrison, Mrs Madeleine Moon (MP and Chairperson of Albanian UK Friendship Group) (MP), Mr Wayne David (MP), Mr Robin Walker (MP), Ms Milva Eknomi (Albanian Minister of Trade and Tourism), Mr Ardit Collaku (General Director of the National Agency of Tourism Albania) Mr Qirjako Qirko (Albanian Ambassador to UK), Mr Zenel Hoxha (President of the Albanian British Chamber of Commerce and Industry).

Albania exhibition at the World Travel Market
The Albanian exhibition at the World Travel Market invites the world’s travel professionals to get a glimpse at what Albania has to offer visitors. The Albanian companies that are participating in the market are:

Why visit Albania?

The World Travel Market is the perfect opportunity for the world`s top travel industry professionals to view the latest offerings from the invigorating, inspiring and rapidly growing Albanian tourism sector.

Albania boasts awe-inspiring nature, from the majestic beaches of the Albanian Riviera in the south to the jagged mountain tops of the north, a wealth of ancient history, wonderful and locally-sourced dishes and a distinctive, rich, and welcoming traditional culture, making Albania a must-visit destination.

The country’s lengthy coast courts both the Iona and Adriatic seas, with port cities (Durres, Vlora, Saranda) and seemingly endless miles of beautiful beaches. Its southern coasts offers a number of fabulous seaside towns, (Dhermi, Saranda) complete with astonishing views and vibrant nightlife.

The New York Times photographer Joachim Ladefoged decided to explore this beauty first-hand by cycling Albania. He experienced and captured wonders like the stone city of Gjirokaster, the sunset from the country´s majestic hill tops and the calm, relaxation offered by both the luxurious hotels and the charming boutique wonders he encountered along the way.

The coastal village of Ksamil with its picturesque islands nestled by its coast, just a stone’s throw from Corfu, is a haven for beach-lovers every summer. Wander a few kilometres from your deckchair and you can visit one of Europe’s most fascinating and well preserved archaeological sites. Tourists can travel back in time at the ancient ruins of Burtint (Albania’s top-rated attraction on Trip Advisor) and explore centuries of history (starting from 8th BC) while enjoying the serene calm of the scenic lagoon surroundings that gave this place a reputation as a city of healing.

Albania has a lot to offer tourists, whether you are a wildlife adventurer that yearns for mountain hikes or a cruise-and-snoozer that enjoys soaking in a breath-taking coast or lounging on a sandy white beach on your downtime, Albania is exploding with possibilities, natural beauty and a distinctive charm, don`t miss the opportunity to be a part of tourism revolution that is underway in wonderful gem in the corner of Europe.

We are not the only ones to share a love and belief in Albania’s tourism potential, take a look at what these international revered publications have had to say…

“With its stunning mountain scenery, a thriving capital in Tirana and beaches to rival any elsewhere in the Mediterranean, Albania has become the sleeper hit of the Balkans. But hurry here, as word is well and truly out.” Lonely Planet

If you’re looking for something a little different to the typical ‘fly and flop’ holiday, then consider Albania, a true jewel in the crown of the Adriatic sea.” The Express (UK)

“Albania is a newcomer to the international tourism scene, but gaining momentum due to the virgin beaches and crystal-blue water along its rugged Adriatic coastline.” Paste Magazine

“Framed by the 5,291-foot Dajti Mountain to the east, Tirana is a dense tangle of 1920s Italianate villas, mirrored skyscrapers, Ottoman-era cobblestones, markets selling loose tobacco and crates brimming with vegetables, and cafe terraces where stylish young people sip macchiatos.” The New York Times

“Albania’s gastronomic revolution – like the country’s wider history – is a story of rugged self-reliance, as well as of intriguing Ottoman, Italian and Greek influences; it’s where cosmopolitans meet cottage gardens. And it’s delicious.” The Independent

“Picture a gorgeous Mediterranean shore of stunning beaches and breathtaking coves, dotted with ancient Greek sites – largely quiet.” The Telegraph