Prohibitions and Restrictions

Fight against weapon trafficking, radioactive materials and the control of dual use goods and environmental protection 
If you receive different goods from abroad, there are various rules applied to certain goods, as the following categories such as:

Radioactive materials
Law no. 9973, dated 28.07.2008 “On some amendments and additions in law no. 8025, dated 9.11.1995 “On protection against Ionic Radiation”
DCM no. 563, dated 22.8.2007 “On the establishment of Applied Nuclear Physics Centre and Albanian Atomic Authority, at the University of Tirana”

Import, export and transport of radioactive materials and nuclear materials are subject to strict rules. Customs monitor whether imports, exports and transports are in accordance to these rules. This relates mainly to the monitoring of licenses for import, export or transit issued by the Radiation Protection Commission.

Dual Use Goods
Law no. 9707, dated 05.04.2007 “On state control over the import-export activity of military and dual-use goods and technologies”
DCM no.106, dated 9.2.2011  “On approval of the list of military goods and the list of dual –use goods and technologies, subject to state control over imports and exports”

Law no. 10463, dated 22.09.2011  “On integrated waste management”
DCM no. 550, dated 22.8.2012, “On some amendments of the Decree No. 825 of 13.10.2010 “on approval of list of wastes allowed to be imported for the purpose of use, recycling and processing”
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Ozone- depleting substances
Law no. 8463, dated 10.03.1999  “On the Accession of the Republic of Albania to Vienna Convention on ozone layer protection and Montreal Protocol on substances which dilute the ozone layer”;
Law no. 8934, dated 05.09.2002 “On environmental protection”
DCM no. 290, dated 25.04.2010 “On some amendments and additions of DCM No. 453, Dated 23.6.2005, “On approval of the list of equipments, using ozone depleting substances, which are prohibited to be produced and imported, as well as the rules and procedures of ozone depleting substances substitution in existing equipments”

Endangered wild fauna and flora
Law no. 9021, dated 6.3.2003  “On the adhesion of the Republic of Albania to the “Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Flora and Fauna (CITES)”
Law No 9867, dated 31.01.2008 “On rules and procedures for international trade of endangered species of flora and fauna”
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Fight against narcotics

  1. Precursors of Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances,
    In reference to Law no 8874, dated 29.03.2002 “On the control of substances used for illicit manufacturing of narcotic and psychotropic substances”, precursors are divided into three categories. For more information please visit
  2.  Narcotic Medicines
    In reference to Law No.7975, dated 26.7.1995 “On the narcotic medicines and psychotropic substances”, as well as based on the Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs of 1961,  and the Convention on Psychotropic Substances 1971, narcotic medicines and psychotropic substances with natural or synthetic origin are a special group of substances, whose abusive use harms health and creates addiction from these substances.

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