Project Budget of the Albanian Government for 2014

Dear members and supporters of the British Chamber of Commerce in Albania (ABCCI)!

The Chamber, in the perspective of the new fiscal changes policy, has undertaken awareness campaigns were several representatives and the President of the Chamber Mr. Zenel Hoxha has been in the media, to guard the business interest and current economy progress in our country.

Our media approach aims at protecting your interest by expressing our reluctance on the Fiscal policies intended to be applied by focusing more on the risky effort to replace the flat tax with the progressive one.

We have made our opinion known loudly and clearly and shall continue doing so till the Government (this one and the future ones) appreciate the fact that they should make time for the business community and listen to our concerns which are based on proven expert advice.

We have elevated our advocacy by emphasizing the fact that the process of consultation has not been given the appropriate consideration and time as it should by a Government with good governance, while we are happy to remind the Government that one of the most specific promises of Mr. Rama during the electoral campaign was ‘not to take any important legislation without talking to people’.

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