Trade volume in 2011 rose by 23.9 % compare to 2010, with imports rising by 12.4% and exports by 20 %. During 2011 total imports amounted to 544,004 million ALL (3,867.09 million Euro million euro) and exports amounted to 197,459 million ALL (1,404.16 million euro).

The EU remains the main trading partner of Albania, providing 64.1 % of imports and receiving 72.5 % of Albania’s exports. In order of trade volume in 2011, Albania imports mainly from Italy, Greece, China, Germany and Turkey, and exports to Italy, Kosovo, Turkey, Greece, Spain and Germany. Italy and Greece represent respectively 47.7 % and 16.6 % of imports, and 73.3% and 7.1% of exports.

  • Almost 30 % of exports were realized by the group “Minerals, fuels, electricity”.
  • 32% of exports and 9% of imports were realized by the group “Textiles and Shoes”.
  • The group “Machinery and equipments” represented 20% of imports.
  • The group “Construction materials and metals” represented 15% of imports and 21% of exports.imports


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