Customs legislation and administration

The General Directorate of Customs (GDC) is the institution responsible for the management of customs in the Republic of Albania. The GD Customs is under the Ministry of Finance and conducts its activity pursuant to the Law No.8449 dated 27.01.1999 “Customs Code of the Republic of Albania” and its amendments.

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Custom Tariffs

Albania is a member of the World Trade Organization since September 2000. By joining the WTO, Albania had to align its trade legislation with international and WTO rules.

Custom tariffs apply on the Combined Nomenclature of Classification of Goods. This Classification is in compliance with the European Community Combined Nomenclature of Classification of goods. The tariff system is very simple. The most-favored-nation tariff system applicable is: 0%, 2%, 5%, 6%, 10% and 15%.

Under FTA-s, Albania applies Preferential import tariffs for CEFTA parties, EFTA parties, EU Member States and Turkey. In case of industrial products (chapters 25-97 of Classification of Goods Nomenclature) the tariff is 0%, while for agricultural products they are, as set out in the relevant agreements.

Favorable Tariff Treatment – FTT, is also applied. It provides reduction or relief from import duties chargeable by reason of nature of goods.

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