Tougher action against informality, by the Government, will create a fairer environment for the business community

Dear Members and Associates,

The Albanian Government, based on the suggestions of the World Bank and other financial institutions, has during the last two weeks embarked on an information campaign ahead of implementation of new tougher legislation aimed at identifying and formalising all the illegal traders. Such campaign and regulation will create a fairer environment of doing business, a vaster number of tax payers and above all better protection for the customers.

While the implementation face has come to force since 8th September, the Government has invited the business community to express their concerns on the methods used by the tax office and offer their suggestions on how Government should improve the support for the businesses.

The Chamber has been clear about its support for such initiative and is carefully monitoring the implementation in order to confirm its impartiality and long lasting effect.The President of the Chamber Mr. Hoxha has continuously confirmed our support and advice on the issue, via Press Release as well as TV presence and interviews, please find here one of the latest releases:

We invite you to complete the questionnaire as your opinion counts

The team of ABCCI

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