Meeting with the General Director of Customs of Albania

The British Chamber of Commerce and Industry met the General Director of Customs of Albania Miss. Elisa Spiropali at the Headquarters in Tirana on 19.11.2013. The team of the British Chamber lead by Mr. Hoxha the President wished to the General Director success at her work and confirmed the support of the Chamber for the improvement of the business environment in Albania.

The aim of the meeting was to officially confirm to the view of the members of the British Chamber on the importance of the cooperation between the Customs and the companies to insure fair trade as well as safety of consumers.

The work of the Albanian Customs, during the past two years, have scored high in the business ranking for transparency and doing business while it has received similar awards from international partners and EU. We hope that the good work will continue.

We trust that Miss. Spiropali will bring a rapid improvement on the red tape and furthermore a new communication system with the consumers and businesses.

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