Logu i Bjeshkëve

“Logu i Bjeshkëve” is a cultural event which dates back with hundreds of years, and only re introduced (after the communist area) in 1998. It is held yearly on the first Sunday of August in Lepushë, Kelmend in a area called Qafa e Predelecit.

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In this celebration women of Kelment compete to be crowned Miss Bjeshka. This is the perfect opportunity to discover not only the traditional costumes, songs and dances of Kelmend but you can also discover the traditional cuisine and the mountaineer customs.

These were the words of Mr. Zenel Hoxha, President of the Albanian British Chamber of Commerce, on the event. On his statement on fb, On 5 August 2017, him and his friend, Lavdrim Krrashi a great contributor to organising the Albanian community in UK, participated at “Logu i Bjeshkëve”, the yearly celebration of the mountaineers of Vermosh. In his own words: There you can experience the traditional songs of the northern region of Albania, along with a beauty pageant of the highlander women. I would like to seize the opportunity to thank Vasel and Ludovik Muçaj for the warm and friendly welcome.

The organization of the event had room for improvement which can be done in the coming years if the organizers decide to cooperate with the Albanian British Chamber of Commerce and its partners.”